Extend writer field marks to support superscript footnotes


Is there a possibility to easily extend the writer field like the other fields?
I’d like to add a superscript option to the marks generating a <sup></sup> tag for footnotes.

Thanks for any input!

When I look at /panel/src/components/writer, I somehow have my doubts that that would be easy to achieve, unless there is an undocumented way to extend the marks…

@bastianallgeier ?

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This is a planned feature. We already use an internal plugin interface for inline elements. You can find them here: kirby/panel/src/components/Writer/Marks at master · getkirby/kirby · GitHub It’s not a big step to make that plugin interface public.


Hi - I am interested in this too, for a current project that requires superscript in the writer field. If you could make that interface public that would be a big help

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I’d also love to be able to add custom marks. Is this already implemented or is there a way to hack around it right now (other than forking Kirby)?

I also have a project where and ist needed!
When ist the date to make that options available in the panel Writer etc.?

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