Error loading panel / Failed to fetch

Hello everyone,

I built a very simple portfolio website (only custom blueprints/templates, no custom blocks or anything more complex) that we launched a few months ago in April. Everything was running smooth.

Recently in July, I did a little tutorial session with my client when suddenly the panel stopped working. And only drafts were shown in the (standard kirby) home panel. And sometimes not even them. On the top right the little wheel is spinning and after a few minutes, the error message “lost network connection” occurs. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the error screenshot

Very close, but not exactly like this one TypeError: "NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource." - #2 by texnixe I Also forwarded this Article to the server admins, but they couldn’t really work with it. When starting the project, they also confirmed that their server is supported in accordance to your requirements.

From a server side, the admins found a recursive/endless process leading to a timeout.

[Tue Jul 27 12:08:06.133478 2021] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 8969:tid 139943766574848] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: [client XXXX] AH01075: Error dispatching request to : (polling), referer: https://XXXXX

Restarting the server helped. But recently, the error occurred again. And we’re a little bitt out of ideas to locate the problem.

The only reproducible indicator I have right now, is that it happened after changing a project’s visibility status from live to unlisted/draft that may have had unsaved changes “inside”.

Do you have any ideas where the reason could lie?

Could you provide the following information:

Kirby version, PHP version, Webserver software and version, and could you check the webservers access and error log around the time the error occurs?

We might have found the issue (and please excuse my amateur wordings for server-side things).

One important aspect: My client owns 3 domains with different writing styles pointing to the same kirby instance. So setupwise, and I wasn’t aware of their structure, kirby was hosted on a “node server” that would distribute information to the three domains.

So when accessing the backend through the main domain we’re using and then making changes, it would route & adapt the information back and forth between servers, leading to an error with the sessions-logic of kirby.

Our server provider now reassigned the IP to the main domain we are using. (I hope, this explanation makes any sense)

For now, since we’re able again to manage projects and make long-overdue changes, the error hasn’t occurred again.

For the records: a client of mine reported the same problem, and the cause was a missing domain redirection; i. e. a difference between and (the www subdomain). Adding an htaccess redirect to either one of the domains fixed it.

I would suggest to use a CNAME entry in the DNS setup - every provider where the domain is registered should provide this opportunity. The client is provided the correct name immediatly when resolving the name and does not need to be redirected.