Save something: "The network connection was lost"


When I try to save something I get an error: The network connection was lost.


Could you please add some information on your setup? Local/server? Mamp, valet or other? PHP version?


I uploaded it to a server from my web host. PHP version is 7.2. Default Kirby 3 website works/looks ok. I just can’t save anything after logging in.

To get the Panel working I used this line in the config (a la Kirby 2): ‘panel.install’ => true. Could not find how to activate the panel for a webserver in the current documentation.


The panel.install setting should be removed after you have created the first user. But that is certainly not the issue here.

If it wasn’t for the error message, I’d say it’s probably a permission problem, so that the files are not writable, by the php user.


What browser are you using?

And is it a fresh setup or did you update your Kirby 2 site? If so, do you have any configs, changed .htaccess or so?


Still no solution. I installed a fresh Kirby 3.0.1:

It’s not working in any browser on my Mac: Safari and Chrome. In Firefox it gives another error message: “NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What’s wrong here? Thanks!


Could you check your console for more information, please?


That was not the issue.

I changed webhosts and now it works. Still don’t know what the problem was.