Failed to fetch - what's wrong?


I’m developing a Kirby 3 application on my local machine. I re-organized a particular blueprint yesterday shortly before I left. In the panel, the blueprint worked, but still having some bugs in it. This morning, when I tried to load the panel in order to re-check what has to be changed in my blueprint, I could not get into the panel. Instead there was that nasty message saying “Failed to fetch”, and nothing else.

When I try to access the panel, I get the following error messages in the Chrome developer’s console:

Furthermore, no image whatsoever gets displayed in the frontend. There seems to be a general issue with the media folder. What I see on the Chrome developer’s console when I first navigate to the home page in the frontend:
(I cannot post this one due to me being a new user to the forum. But I could provide this on request.)

Perusing some of the topics in this forum, I didn’t get a clue either, because the reasons and the remedies I could see so far do not apply to my situation - at least do I not see how these could help me.

Any suggestions / help will be greatly appreciated.

Based on the other errors (those pointing to the API), I would assume something is rather wrong with the server that it can’t be reached.

How are you running Kirby locally? Built-in PHP, Valet, Mamp… anything?

I totally agree - something very basic must be fishy. But the server is IMHO not the problem.
I run a local apache server in a wsl environment (Ubuntu 18.04). It is perfectly reachable, all parts of the website run as intended. I can even debug.

… no, not all parts, of course. There are no images. I cannot open the panel.

Perhaps I have messed up the media folder. Is there a simple way to re-build that from scratch, i. e. feed it with proper renewed content from the content folder?

You can delete the media folder, it is recreated automatically.

Ok, the server was definitively the culprit.

This morning, the server has been started afresh, so does it every day. I do not understand why, but after a server restart, the problem went away.

So I know what to try the next time before I post a request for help. Thank you for your time.

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Thank you too for helping.