Error during installation

I installed kirby 3 with xampp-vm (php 7.3.2) on a macbook pro.
I’ve got an error message with loacalhost:8080/mydomain/kirby/panel:
“The panel assets cannot be installed properly. Please check permissions of your media folder.” although I can copy files to the folder with the finder.
loacalhost:8080/mydomain/kirby/panel.install leads to another error message:

I’ve tried

<?php return [ 'panel' =>[ 'install' => true ] ]; but the result ws the same. regards Gerd

Your URL with the dot looks wrong, you should be auto-redirected to http://localhost:8080/your-folder/panel/installation. On localhost, you don’t have to set the panel.install option.

Whether or not you can put files into the filesystem is not the same as whether or not the Apache user has write rights to the files. So please check your file and folder permissions and ownership.

thanks, the problem is solved bychecking the file and folder permissions.
regards Gerd