Error 404 - unable to process form: Not Found

I have built a form using a tutorial by luxlogica. I get this error. I have added a folder called ‘plugins’ in my site folder. Additionally, I added a plugin called; kirby-uniform-master into this folder, along with the listed folder; mail-form-data. Have I confused two different form methods? How do I create a working form?

You cannot use old Kirby 2 code with Kirby 3, please don’t use old tutorials.

Apart from this, you can read in the documentation how to create Kirby plugins:

okay thanks, is this for the form or to install a plugin?

The link I posted above regards to creating plugins.

By default, a form has nothing to do with a plugin. You can create a form in a template and do the form handling in the controller or the template or even a route.

You can instead use the Uniform plugin to help you with form handling. If you choose to do so, then follow the directions in the plugin’s documentation.

Okay brillaint, thanks for the help.