Application forms in Kirby

I am trying to create an application form in Kirby but have no idea to go about it. Is there a tutorial anywhere? The cookbook one is not helping since the files are attached to an event. The application form I need will be on a separate page by itself

The general procedure is the same, though.

You might want to look into using the Uniform plugin.

I am implementing the uniform example which has code in the template and the controller. But i can’t find the template anywhere (i guess because there is no page file?) how could i access the template please?

You have to create controller and template if you don’t want to put the form on an existing page.

For example, if you create a page /contact with a text file contact.txt in it, then you need a site/tempates/contact.php template and a site/controllers/contact.php controller to render the page (if these do not exist, the default template is used).

i created them. i added : /site/controllers/registration.php
and a file in templates: /site/templates/registration.php

Ok, then you need a page, e.g /content/registration with a registration.txt file.

You always need either a physical folder in the content folder, or avirtual page. You cannot open a template.