PHP error with contact form plugin

Hi there,

I downloaded and installed the Contact form Plugin & Snippet on my site, however I’m running into this issue when I hit the send button:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function error() in /www/site/plugins/contactform/contactform.php on line 42

I haven’t touched any code in that script so I’m not sure what the issue would be.
The only code I tweaked in the snippet was the ‘to’, ‘from’ and ‘subject’ in the new ContactForm array.

Could anyone offer some insight?

Thanks for your time.

p.s. At the moment I’m just running this on localhost using MAMP

What contact form plugin is that? You probably downloaded a plugin for Kirby 1, which won’t work with Kirby 2 anymore?

Oh yeah, I think you might be right.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there is a contact form plugin for Kirby 2 at so I guess I’ll just have a crack at doing it myself.


You may want to have a look at the uniform plugin (listed at if you don’t want to do it yourself

And there’s this contact form example:

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