Erorr Bud1%@ on localsite

Hi everyone one. I’m getting an strange error on mi site when I’m in local host, before the header of the site, on the top of the page I’m getting this Bud1% @� @� @� @E%DSDB`� @� @� @

I’ve searched and several results says that the eror is related to the pressence of a .DS_Store file but I don’t now how to solve it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


That’s strange, I have those files all over the place without doing any harm.

Since it is an invisible file like .htaccess, here’s how to make such files visible: How to Show or Hide Hidden Files and Folders on Mac. On Sierra and above, you can use Shift+CMD+. to toggle visibility of hidden files.

.DS_Store files are created by the OS, here’s some more information about them .

Unless you disable creation of such files, they will get recreated if you delete them though.

On a side note, if you want to make sure these do not end up on a live server, and your the kind of person who sometimes zips up a site, FTP’s the zip file and unpacks it on the server, then Zip Cleaner is the tool for you. It’s an old one, but still works just fine. It’s also great if you want to send a zip to a windows user, they wont end up with mac junk on their machine.

Are you reading any files from the file system in your template? Maybe to include stylesheets or something like this? Still wondering how this is happening.