Broken SFTP Upload

Aside from the license in the config file, are there any files I need to be aware of updating when I upload my site through FTP/SFTP? Having some major issues where subpages aren’t loading and some styles also not loading after uploading (using Dreamhost).

Be sure your .htaccess file is being copied!

This is an invisible file at the root of your site that has instructions for the Apache software on the server— it makes sure your URLs resolve correctly.

You may need to change a preference in your FTP software to make it visible. By default, these files are not shown in the Finder on OS X, or in many FTP programs.

In the default .htaccess the “RewriteBase /” is commented out. Maybe uncommenting that line helps?

D’oh, forgot that. Thanks. We’re good. The stylesheet thing is still broke but that appears to be a separate issue.