"Unauthenticated" and redirected to panel/site when clicking file option dots

On a site I am running into the following issue: when clicking on the three dots for file options on a file in the files section, I briefly see a modal saying “unauthenticated” and then immediately get redirected to the panel home page.

My page is using the page blueprint. I’ve encountered this issue in an earlier version of Kirby 3 and have since upgraded to the latest, the error still persists…

Any leads on what I can try/test to get this working again?

Can you reproduce this in a fresh Starterkit? I guess you mean version 3.1.2 or are you talking about the current 3.2 RC?

talking about 3.1.2—I don’t think I will be able to reproduce this in a fresh install since the error just suddenly appeared on a production site but I’ll try!

The latest version is 3.1.4, not 3.1.2.

sorry, yeah I didn’t keep track. Running Kirby 3.1.4, I just grabbed the latest core app

Ok it’s got to be a server issue. I added a clean starterkit in a subfolder on the website and the error happens again

Does it work if you check out the project locally?

yup, working fine on local…

Apart from the unauthenticated modal, are there any errors in the browser console when that happens?

Wondering if this is some session/token related issue. And this only happens when clicking on the file menu, not with pages?

Nothing in the console. And yes, it’s only happening with files

Hm, I’m clueless.

Me too. I’m gonna reach out to my hosts’ support and otherwise just propose a change of provider to my client :man_shrugging: thanks for your assistance!

@bruno Have you been able to sort this out?

I’m still in contact with the easyname support. So far, they’ve neither been able to reproduce the issue nor have any idea how to fix it. Will keep you posted!

Hey @bruno

I had the same problem a few weeks back on the same hosting.
It was fixed in the 3.2 I believe.

It’s a cache related issue. The server was ignoring one of the headers sent by the panel if I remember correctly.
It’s a weird one because if you disable client site caching you’ll see that everything works correctly.

Upgrading to latest Kirby version is the solution.

hey manuel, thanks for your answer. i’ve upgraded kirby to the latest version but the error unfortunately persists for me…

Did you delete the media folder after the upgrade?

i didn’t! why does it need to be deleted?

I think kirby grabs a copy of the js for the panel and stores it in the media folder.
You should have a panel folder inside the media folder. Try delete that.

I could be wrong on the why though :slight_smile:
I always delete that just in case.

true, there’s a js file there… however, deleting the media folder didn’t help either :slightly_frowning_face:

good hint tho, i‘m gonna make sure to delete the media folder when upgrading kirby!