Editor buttons for textarea


I think the editor plugin has a nice way to format text without the need for markdown (set of floating formatting, link, etc. buttons). I’m specifically referring to the text block.

I may not want to overwhelm the client with the builder type of experience (editor plugin). I like the idea of limiting the input of content.

What I would love to have are those formatting buttons used in the editor for a standard textarea. I don’t mind markdown but my clients are never quite comfortable with it.

It think the best approach here, is to use the Editor, but limit the available blocks to just Text and possibly the Markdown block. i dont thnk those buttons will be added to the standard textarea, but you could possibly extend it your self with a custom field.

What about using the Markdown field instead of a regular textarea field?

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Thanks for the replies. I prefer not to introduce markdown to the client. They simply won’t accept it. They, like most clients, expect to see the formatted copy as they set it. I’ll explore limiting the editor plugin. Maybe that just deserves a bit more exploring. Thanks again!