Duplicate emails when using Amazon SES


I’m trying out sending e-mails with kirby and followed the steps available in docs

I’m facing an issue, e-mails are sent twice, i did exactly the same code in docs

Does anyone have the same issue ?

Email headers are different, so it’s sent twice

That’s very difficult to say without details:

  • Does the email also get sent twice if you don’t use SES? (Then it might be an issue in your application code)
  • I haven’t used SES, but maybe they provide you with a list of sent emails. If that contained the email twice as well, that would mean that the request is indeed sent twice. If it didn’t, that would again be another issue.
  • How are the headers different? Just different timestamps or are other headers different as well?

Thank you for your reply

So i tested with PHP Mail and had the same problem, tested without snippets it works

It’s a snippet with a condition that caused the problem, dont know exactly why but fixed

Thank you for your feedback it really helped me