AWS SES and Kirby 3

What is the best way to send HTML emails using the Amazon SES services using the new email API of Kirby3?.

Previously I used a custom SES Service that works with email() function of Kirby2 and it works very well.

Please, let me know.

Should work if you configure your credentials using the transport parameter:

Thanks! It worked for me.


I have a markdown field on the panel, there I write my custom email templates with HTML support. But when I send the emails, the tags are not rendering as HTML, but plain text instead with visible tags. Any help?

I found the answer:

  'to' => '',
  'from' => '',
  'subject' => 'This is a HTML email',
  'body' => [
    'html' => 'This is a test with <strong>bold</strong>'


Keep in mind that if you use input from unknown/unvalidated sources (like user input), you have to escape everything. Otherwise you are at risk that your emails are a security risk or that someone abuses your service for sending spam.

Sure!! thanks for the advice.

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