Does K2 CLI still work?

I just tried to update a K2 site through the CLI, and… it looks like it upgraded to K3, instead of the latest K2 version.
Is the CLI still supported for K2? If so is there a way to pull the latest K2 version?

Since K2 has moved and the link is hardcoded, you would have to update them in the code, I think, if you still want to use the CLI for K2. But it might be that links to plugins will also break if the K2 versions have been moved to another branch, not sure.

since the cli is hardcoded to master or optional dev branch i think its broken for k2.

i suggest you create an issue requesting a version lock for something like ^2.5.10.

you beat me again in responding. damn mobilephone onscreen keyboards. :laughing:

Well, you posted the corresponding code, so providing more information :hugs:

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Thank you, both of you. I dug a little, but can’t even find K2 on Github :sweat: I’m not even sure we can still pull that codebase.

I wonder if we should actually bring it back for v3 as well. Looking at it right now, there’s not much to change, except not installing the panel.


v2 is here:

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Good idea, quite a few will like that, I think

Thank you! I will look into Composer today for a K3 site, so I can compare both ways to install/upgrade.

make plugin could clone the new pluginkit.

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So, I installed a new site and contrib plugins via Composer, and it was a breeze.
So far I don’t see why I’d use Kirby’s CLI over Composer.

That said updating the CLI to have it point to the K2 repo would be nice for all the projects we can’t switch to K3 yet.

Wasn’t the reason why we discontinued the CLI that it wasn’t working reliably for many users? I think we would need to rewrite it to make that happen.

As far as I recall there were problems with non-namespaced classes colliding in some cases?