Documentation is hard to navigate or incomplete

Hi, I have been learning Kirby’s API and settings since a month nearly full-time.

The PHP API is fairly well documented — though the auto-generated bits could do with some examples.

However basic stuff like blueprint section keys (e.g. limit or layout: cards) is incredibly hard to find. Or outright missing.

I find myself in a constant loop of “Should I look under Guide? Cookbook? Reference?”… The Algolia search is great, but not enough.

Practical questions:

  • Where do I find comprehensive docs about Blueprints and all the available options for Sections? This page has no mention the layout: cards property nor the limit: option, for example (Layout | Kirby CMS)
  • How can I help? Are there any plans for consolidating the docs? I fear that the development pace of Kirby is so fast and active and the docs are starting to suffer…

All the details regarding sections are in the reference for the different section types: Sections | Kirby CMS

The Guide is a more general overview with explanations.

By creating issues in the repo with specific information, what properties are actually missing where, e.g. for the pages section all properties are in this list: Pages section | Kirby CMS, with examples for the different properties further down the page.

Thank you for the quick reply @pixelijn

Sorry I’ve missed that page… I think I landed on it, CMD+F’d but somehow didn’t see the information I was looking for.

Ref Github, I did post something (unrelated) a little while ago (Broken Github link in Database docs · Issue #1425 · getkirby/ · GitHub). Just wondering if there were any plans or community efforts underway on the docs that I may have missed.

Back to learning!

Thank you

You can see that there is already a PR for this issue: