Blueprint keywords reference & samples


Is there any comprehensive reference of the blueprint language? Didn’t have any luck finding it on the website and I’m confused as to what many of the keywords means (e.g. status, type, templates…) as the reference and guide don’t cover most of them.

Also, on the blueprint samples (, I cannot see how the site.yml file would be structured.

Any pointer to those would be appreciated, thanks!

Start with the guide and it’s subpages:

More then here:

And in all parts of the Reference sidebar section “Panel” (Presets, Sections, Fields).

But start with the guide for a broad understanding and then dig deeper into the details of each part.

Hi thanks for the quick reply.
I’m going through those, but still cannot figure out what many of the things in samples do.

For instance, in the starterkit sample site.yml file

title: Site
  - width: 1/2
      albums: sections/albums
  - width: 1/2
      notes: sections/notes
        type: pages
        create: default
          - about
          - home
          - default

I could not find any definition or info about the following keywords

  • create
  • template

Or in the onepager sample (

title: One Pager
icon: 📔

    headline: Parts
    type: pages
    status: all
    info: "{{ page.intendedTemplate }}"
    image: false
      - pager-headline
      - pager-hero
      - pager-text
      - pager-video

There’s no reference on what the site.yml would be like. And I could not find any info about the following keywords

  • status
  • info
  • image

Look here :

That’s what I needed. Thanks Yoh!