Looking for Kirby Resources

Kirby has been on the market for a very long time now. So I was wondering if there are resources available regarding to blueprints, templates, snippets? For example, page settings, image sliders or similar, which makes development easier and faster.

Another pretty good idea would be a Visual Yaml Builder Tool, where you can build elements by drag and drop and the yml code is generated automatically. Is there such a tool available?


Not yet, I know that Bastian was developing a blueprint builder but it seems that has been stalled. I have no information about the current status. You might want to upvote on feedback.getkirby.com: https://kirby.nolt.io/20

As regard resources: I think most people who use Kirby on a regular basis build their own reusable resources, be it snippets, blueprints etc. There are no resources that I know of apart from what you can find in the documentation, the Starter- und Demokits and of course the getkirby.com repo which provides a lot of example code.

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@pixelijn is right. Most use build and use their own reusable resources. Some are released in the form of plugins though. Have a look: https://getkirby.com/plugins

thank you! thats more than i found before :wink:
wouldn’t it make sense to publish blueprint and templates so others can participate?

There used to be a collection of stuff, called the kitchen sink. I can’t manage to find it anymore… However there are a lot of example blueprints in the demo https://github.com/getkirby/demokit/tree/master/site/blueprints

Since most website projects are different and writing blueprints is comparatively easy, fun and has such big impact on how the backend works and feels, I find it easier to write them from scratch for every project.

That’s true, therefore a collection of reusable stuff is useful for things that tend to repeat themselves in your project, which is something you find out by experience. Creating a great experience for users is first and foremost in the Panel and there are many ways to tweak this to each individual project, so examples can only serve to give you ideas.

I once started a collection of IDE snippets for fields with the settings I need, that I can then easily invoke with a few keystrokes. The same works for snippets, loops and other recurring stuff. All this needs some work at the outset, but then you will be very quick. You see this technique used by Bastian in the videos.

I think we have most stuff from the starter kit we used during K3 development to here: Samples | Kirby CMS