Do you use the panel or not? e.g. in your personal websites

Hello together,

today I want to know if you use the panel in you personal websites?

Actually I think about to delete the panel in my live project because I love it really to work with a code editor and write it all in there.

I understand that the panel is important for clients projects but not so important for the own personal website.

I’m interested in your opinion.

Greetz Markus

I haven’t used the Panel in personal projects, nor in most client projects. We also write all content for the website in a text editor, not in the Panel.

My personal opinion: if you don’t need it, don’t use it. If there is no backend, nobody can even try to hack their way into it :wink:.

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I use it for 2 reasons.

  1. tags autocomplete
  2. I have a few hooks I use to auto publish stuff on social media


Thanks for your answers.


In your case I understand why you use the panel but for me that’s actually not relevant. Especially my skills are not so good that I use hooks or something like this. Later it could be but not yet.


Your point is something what I really agree. As a “newbie” I want to have a secure website as it is possible and kirby makes me easy to work without a backend. And so one point of a hackable door is closed when I don’t use it.

Another question:

Have I only delete the panel folder or can I delete e.g. the blueprint folder as well?

I think you can safely delete the blueprint folder as well, but no need to do that. I’d just remove the panel folder.

The good thing is, if you ever think you need the Panel, you can always add it at any time. That’s what makes Kirby so flexible :slight_smile:.

Thanks for your words @texnixe.

I have delete the folder and work on.

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