Can I delete the panel in Kirby 3?


I do not need the panel in my kirby 3 installation. Can I delete the folder under /kirby/panel and everything is right here, or is there another depencity I have to know?

Cheers, Thorsten

You can disable the panel in your configuration:

Deleting the /panel folder doesn’t make much sense, it will come back with an update, anyway.

@texnixe technically there is no check if the panel folder exists, right? so it should be ok to not upload it using ftp (with a ftp app upload rule for example).

@bnomei It should be safe to remove the /panel folder, but I don’t quite see the point. It doesn’t really eat up much space on the server.

i like removing unnecessary stuff. something not there can not break or be a risk. but yes, the panel is not big in file size if that was the original concern.

The intension is that something that isn’t used on the server seems to be not transfered to the server as for security risks. :slight_smile:

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Ok, so you can definitely remove the /panel folder without any problems from the /kirby folder if it makes you happy, and also the /panel folder from the /media folder if it exists.

However, if you disable the Panel via the config setting and also the API, there’s nothing the Panel app can do. So there is no security risk in keeping the folder where it is. It’s much more important to set up your server securely so that the /kirby folder itself is never accessible from the outside, as it contains much more security relevant stuff than the /panel folder, which just contains a bunch of JS/CSS files.

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