Deleting secondary language via panel

We have created a bilingual Kirby site. However, the client has decided that maintaining two languages is too much of a hassle so we need to remove the secondary language.

What are the implications of deleting the secondary langue via panel? It seems like that worked without a problem but I’m not sure if there’s anything else in need to take care of.

Is it necessary to rename content files, e.g.: -> image.jpg.txt?
Do I need to set 'languages' => false in config.php?

Anything else?


I you delete the secondary language via the Panel, those content files will be removed. You have to do nothing else.

However, this will still leave you with the primary language and therefore with a multi-language site. You can either leave it like that, or you remove the default language as well. This will then automatically remove the language code from the content files as well.

If you do that, you also might want to remove the languages => true setting from the config.

Thank you. And there’s the caveat. I’ve extensively used the translation helper t() so by deleting the primary language all those translated strings are gone…

So to be clear, having a multilingual KIrby site with only one language does not normally pose any problems? In that case I’ll just leave the primary language intact.

No problems.

If you want to get rid of it, though, you could replace those language strings via some script.

Many thanks, Sonja!