Definition of 'installation/webpage' for license purposes


I am a little bit confused about the nomenclature of installations/websites, especially regarding subfolders.
To be sure about pricing and using Kirby as an example; using Kirby 3 to create

would cost 99€, but adding the forum-subdomain would add an additional 99€, right?

Relevant pieces of information I found:

  1. ‘A license is valid for a single Kirby installation, running on a single domain. If you plan to add additional installations (i.e. under additional subdomains or subfolders) you need to purchase licenses for each of those installations.’
  2. ‘A “Website” is a single Kirby project that is defined by its domain name and root directory (e.g. or ). Each (sub)domain and root directory is a separate Website, even if the projects are related in any way. If the same Kirby multi-language installation spans multiple domains, these domains count as the same Website.’

PS: I am still quite new to web development and try to err on the side of caution regarding licensing

Yes, licensing is always a bit difficult.

As an example, (without any subdomains) is a single website running on a single Kirby installation, so definitely one license.

Other example:

if both subdomains point to different Kirby installations, they are two websites that need 2 licenses.

If you have a main domain and a subdomain that point to the same installation (the same web root or the same subfolder in the webroot) and both are part of the same website as in (where the blog that is part of the website runs on its own domain)

I’d argue that is still one website = 1 Kirby installation = 1 license

If, however, you run multiple websites from the same Kirby installation (in a multi-site setup), you need as many licenses as you run domains.

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Sorry to dig out this older topic, but I have an additional question here, since you used the subdomain example - what about X different TLD’s one Kirby instance (multilanguage not multi-site)? -> web/root/kirby -> web/root/kirby -> web/root/kirby

@marcus-at-localhost If you have a multi-language installation where the languages use different domains, then this is a single Kirby setup that needs one license.

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