Debugging passwordless 'code' login?

I am trying to set up the passwordless code login for a Kirby installation as per these docs. I’ve set up the smtp relay properly and am able to receive a code. However, when entering the code I am unable to login and am presented with an Invalid Code error.

I also seem to be unable to request a new code as some kind of cookie automatically brings me to the code entry page.

In a private window, entering my email and trying to request another code results in Invalid Login.

I’m wondering how I can go about debugging this issue? I am running Kirby 3.6.2

Hm I’m not sure what happened, but deleting /site/accounts/.logins seemed to do the trick and everything, including the passwordless code login is working.

I think the issue might have been that I tried to login many times while trying to setup the smtp relay and perhaps locked the account out?

Sounds like it.

If you enable debug mode, Kirby will tell you things like this. By default we explicitly don‘t leak such information as it can be abused by attackers.