Kirby Login not possible, only from private mode in browser

I am experiencing a quite strange bug. After some improvements in my newest project, i updated to the newest kirby version 3.8.3 and since then, i cant login to the panel anymore.

The error says “Ungültige Zugangsdaten” ~ Wrong login credentials

opening the console shows:

{status: 'error', message: 'Ungültige Zugangsdaten', code: 403, exception: 'Kirby\\Exception\\PermissionException', key: 'error.access.login', …}
"Ungültige Zugangsdaten"

the thing is: from a regular browser tab, the error appears. When i try to login from the private mode of chrome, the login works.

i tried nearly everything:

  • deleting cache folder
  • deleting media folder
  • deleting sessions
  • deleting accounts and re-created them
  • deleting accounts and create a new one form panel installation

i thought maybe my password manager plugin is responsible for this issue, but turning it off did not solve my problem.

I deleted all accounts now and created a brand new one in the installation. After logging out again i cant access with the same credentials.

i make several new kirby pages a year and this problem only occurs in one installation. every other page can be accessed just fine…

everytime, the login wont work again, except for chrome private tab (inkognito)

has anyone an idea?

Best regards

Please temporarily enable the following options in site/config.php to get a more useful error output:


return [
  'debug' => true,
  'auth.debug' => true

Make sure to remove the options again after testing to keep your site secure.

oh great, didnt knew this is possible. The message says:

key: “error.user.notFound”

  1. message: “Der Account "" wurde nicht gefunden”
  2. route: “auth/login”
  3. status: “error”
  4. [[Prototype]]: Object

i tested this more and the error only appears in chrome normal tab. in chrome inkognito mode or other browsers i can login just normal. deleting cache and cookies does not help. very strange bug

Sorry for the late reply, I missed your message.

Do you use any browser extensions in Chrome that may interfere with the login form (e.g. password managers)? This would explain why it works in private browsing mode (where extensions are disabled by default).

Yes that could be the case. deactivating the password manager works. But im curious why this happens just at one specific installation. every other page login works perfectly fine

Please try updating to Kirby 3.8.4 or newer. I think we had a bug related to this in 3.8.3.