Date-time picker – don't hide after focus


Is it a bug or on purpose that if I click on a day in the date-time picker in the panel, it immediately closes and the save/revert bar appears?

If it’s on purpose, is there a possibility to change that? Because it’s not really user-friendly – if a client selects a specific day but it turns out that he/she clicked on the wrong day, the date-time picker has to be opened again. And again. And again.

Best would be to select a day and then to click on the date-time calendar icon again to close the date-time picker.

For me, this is kind of a bigger deal because I’ll be scripting a calendar-heavy website for a client soon and decided to go with Kirby.


I think that’s on purpose.

I don’t think there is a setting to prevent that. You would have to create an ideas issue on GitHub.

I guess for most use cases the current behavior is ok, because if you pick the wrong day by mistake, you can either open the picker again or correct the wrong day in the input itself without going through the picker.

Ok. Thanks for the quick reply though!