Select time in date field via selection popup/dialog?


is there a way to have a selection popup/dialog for the time as well as we have it for the date in a date field? Right now I only see a way to select the date comfortable but not for the time of the field. The documentation doesn’t mention this and I only found screenshots for when the field’s time option isn’t enabled.

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I don’t think there is a setting for this. Was this ever available in Kirby 3? Or was that in Kirby 2 (can’t really remember anymore).

I don’t know and remember if there was such a feature in Kirby 3 or 2. I just noticed how it annoyed me how to put in a time and I hoped that I miss something obvious.

The select inputs were removed with this PR: Date & time fields by distantnative · Pull Request #2892 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub, to allow for pasting dates and some other optimizations.

Thank you for your help. Now I know that I was not mistaken at least. I appreciate your help.