Date is not shown in panel

I have a very strange problem. As shown in the screenshot, I no longer see the date per article.

Where do I control the display of the date in this view? In the parent “blog.yml” or in the “article.yml”. I haven’t found any date-related entries in the yml files.


Thank you for any hint.

Depends where this section is defined, if this section is in the dashboard it might be defined in site.yml, or in a separate section definition in /site/blueprints/sections.

The issue look like you have probably set a different date option( strftime) in config than what is defined in the section definition).

Thank you so much.

Oh yes, I have a articles section that I had forgotten about. Now I edit to
info: "{{'%d.%m.%Y') }}" because I set the date.handler to strftime.