No automatic blog date


Testing my first real Kirby installation. One problem: I wrote a blog article but Kirby doesn’t save the date. (@gif).

Do somebody know why?


The date is only shown on the sidebar after you change the page status to visible. Make sure you do that.

I don’t see a date field on the form, have you added it to the blueprint?

It seems that the newly created page uses the default.php blueprint. Is that intended?

And the date - once you have added it to the page - will only be visible in the sidebar once you have made the page visible using the status setting in the sidebar.

hm I’m a litte bit confused…
There is a blog.yml with pages: template: article

And a demo blog article with date.

If you are using the Starterkit, the template should read “Article”, not “Page” though, when creating the subpage of blog.

Have you made any changes to blog.yml?

Or is this not the original Starterkit you are using?

Here’s the blog.yml … template: article isn’t right?

title: Blog

files: true
  label: Caption
  type: textarea

  template: article
  sort: flip
  num: date

  template: false
  status: false

icon: newspaper-o

label: Title
type: title
required: true

label: Text
type: textarea

Looks like something has been removed and the indentation is not correct, but apart from that, it tells the subpages to use the article template. That is correct. I just wonder why - when you create a new page - it says “Page” instead of “Article”. Is there an article.yml blueprint?

its based on -> KOMPACT (a minimalized version…)
and no… no article.yml

Hm, that looks like there is some mistake there in that template. It required the article blueprint in the blog blueprint but then does not deliver it. Weird. I have created an issue on GitHub.

I suggest you get a copy of the starterkit and copy the article.php blueprint from there over to your theme.

Perfect. Thx. article.yml … I’m a noob and I have to learn the kirby structure. Thanks for Your very fast help! Another problem in another thread. :slight_smile:

P.S: I hope You will introduce a German forum in near future.

You will get used to writing English very quickly and then you don’t want to miss it anymore :slight_smile:

I can understand nearly all what I want to read.
But it’s very hard to write. Grammar… and some vocabulary… :slight_smile:

Your best chance to learn. And there’s always Google translate to the rescue. We try our best to understand anyone, even if the grammar is not correct, no one’s going to tell you off.:slight_smile: