Blog articles folder contain date for URL

Can you show me how I would setup my blog article page to have the date in the URL automatically. I need this because there will most likely be blog articles with the same title.

ie: Article name. This week’s special offers.

becomes: /blog/this-weeks-special-offer-08-10-22

You could add this via a page model: Page models | Kirby CMS

You would have to overwrite the static create method in your model. See the original method for details:

Seems a bit too much for my level. I will have to encourage the client to manually change the URL when creating a post

Create a model for your article page (make sure this is named like the blueprint for your article pages, I’m assuming article here

class ArticlePage extends Page
     * Creates and stores a new page
     * @param array $props
     * @return Page
    public static function create(array $props): Page
        $props['slug'] = $props['slug'] . '-' . date('Y-m-d');
        return parent::create($props);
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