Blog with the same article titles

I am working on a site with a blog, where there will be multiple articles with the same title e.g. “Weekly Roundup”. I have added the following to the blueprint to make sure the date is on the directory:

num: '{{ page.startDate.toDate("Ymd") }}'

But when I try and add a new page in the Panel I get the A page with the URL appendix "weekly-roundup" already exists message.

What is the best solution for this? I thought about trying to get the date included as part of the slug? But thought I would see here before going down that route

The num option sets the numbering scheme for published pages. While this effectively results in different folder names in the file system, it doesn’t result in different page slugs and therefore URLs (because the prepended date/number is not part of the URL).

So there are basically two options:

  • User changes slug manually
  • You remove the slug field entirely from the page create dialog and set the slug in the page model (using the custom-add-fields plugin)