How to add some text to page slug after saving it?


How can I add , at example, “2019-03-13-” to my page slug (would be useful for news or blog pages or something similar), after saving page, automatically? And get this value from my “date” field at example.

I think I need to find some hook to “save” event?

Thank you.

You can set the num option in your blueprint. That way, whenever you publish a page, the date will be added automatically:

If you really want to publish a page as soon as it gets saved, you would have to use a hook, i.e. a page.update:after hook.

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Thank you, but num option wont’ change slug, it only add prefix to page folder. I need to change slug though…

Looks like I neet to make a hook…

Yes, if you want the date in the slug, you have to use a hook. However, renaming a page via a hook will result in your current panel URL becoming invalid.

So there is no “external” field to slug? Page slug in Kirby is it’s folder name only?

Yes, the number (when publishing a page) doesn’t become part of the URL. What you could do, however, instead of adding the date to the slug, is use a route to catch a URL with the date in it and return the corresponding page.

To actually print that URL when linking to that page, you can change the URL method in a page model.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Ok, as a compromise to my editors, I just set changeSlug option to true for this pages.

Yes, if it is ok to do it manually. The hook option would be nicer but I’m currently not sure if and how to redirect to the new Panel URL from the hook.