YmdHi not working

Hi guys,

I’ve been using page numbering by date fine until now as it can be seen in the screenshots but not anymore. For some reason after updating the panel to 2.4.1 something seems to have broken.

The article folders now display YmdHi instead of the actual date & time. The default “date” numbering does work but I would like to have the time there as well as it was until now.

Parent Blueprint
     mode: date
     field: date
     format: YmdHi

Child Blueprint 
    icon: calendar
    label: Date and Time
    type: datetime
    default: now
    width: 1/2
    placeholder: Select a date...
     format: DD-MM-YYYY
     interval: 1
    required: true

Issue solved.

A previous line in the config file seemed to cause a clash after the update.

Had to remove c::set('date.handler','srtftime');

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