Use automatic folder number to fill page's date field

Is it possible to use the following blueprint syntax

    mode: date
    field: added

to populate the date field of each subpage part of that bluerprint?

Or alternatively setting an option to the subpage’s date field in order to have it automatically filling today’s date when creating it?

I mean, I guess you can do it with a hook, but would be curious to know if there is already an option covering that.

The docs are your friend :wink:; you can set the default to today:

The num field refers to folder numbering.

Thank you!

I skimmed through that page three times and did not get that the default field can be used on its own ~ too hot in Italy :disappointed:

There’s a weird glitch, for which when I manually change date from today’s one to something different and I click on save, the popup date field shows up automatically. Any idea about that?

Yeah, I can reproduce that, it’s a bit annoying. Seems to have to do with focus. I have created an issue on GitHub.

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