Custom User List

I’ve seen a couple of mentions on this, but no real solutions.

Ideally i’d like to customise the user list in the panel completely, but as a minimum show some extra fields like email address in the list view (as you can with page sections using ‘info’ and ‘text’).

Is there any easy(ish) way to achieve this that I am missing?

I haven’t tried yet, but overwriting default views should now be possible, so you could create a custom users view with all the changes you need.

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Oh wow, is this documented anywhere yet?

Not 100% sure this is up-to-date, but yes:

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Oh so i have to overwrite the view completely with a plugin… complex!

Depending on how much you need to change, it shouldn’t actually be that complex. But since I haven’t really done it yet, I can’t promise anything …

It’s really just exposing some extra fields in each of the rows to identify the users better

I’d suggest you have a look at the source code of the Users.Vue in the kirby repo:

Basically, you could probably copy this and make your changes.

Brilliant, thanks, a combination of both links got me to an answer, being able to customise these views is brilliant!