Change User view

Currently we’re doing a project where we have a lot of users with many many fields in each user role. I thought there was a section that I can display users in the panel whereever I want, and also with infos etc. But seems like I’m wrong …

Is there a chance to change the default user view? We want to display if they have paid or not and maybe two other things. I have found this plugin but it’s only for K2. Is there anything similar or a simple way to manipulate the Users Table?

BTW: there are sections for pages, fields, files and info, why not for users? Seems really like this is a missing part?

Hmm … you could probably fork the Pagetable plugin so it runs off users rather then pages. Seems like thats most of the way to what you want. Or ask @sylvainjule nicely and he might make a users equivalent for you :slight_smile:

In the meantime, add the Users Section suggestion to the Github Ideas repo.

Yes, overriding default views will be possible in 3.3.0, the rc will come tomorrow.

Thanks so much, I thought I missed something. But seems like this is currently not possible. Sylvain actually rebuilds another plugin for us :slight_smile: and the one with the users is only for a small project, so this would explode costs in this case. But thanks all, I will add it to the Idea Repo