Override User View

I am trying to override the User view. This is what I found in the docs but it doesn’t seem to have any effect:


panel.plugin("my/view-plugin", {
  components: {
    "k-user-view": {
      extends: "k-user-view",
      template: "<div>Hello</div>"

If I understand this Github issue correctly, the docs might be outdated?

This solution from the Github issue works for the Users (multiple!) view for me but I haven’t been able to adapt it to the User (singular!) view. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

panel.plugin("my/view-plugin", {
  views: {
    users: {
      link: "/users",
      icon: "heart",
      menu: true,
      component: {
        template: `
          <k-view class="k-todos-view">

            <!-- your app goes here -->


The issue is still not fixed: https://github.com/getkirby/kirby/issues/2506

So not only a problem with the documentation.

You posted the same code twice, was there supposed to be a difference between the two blocks?

Ok, thanks for the update!
Yes, did not mean to post the same code twice, fixed it above.