How can I change the default users page in the panel?

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I would like to change the panel’s default users page (and the users field specifically). However, I cannot find a blueprint for this and if I create a blueprint in site/pages/users.yml that does not seem to change anything. How can I change the user’s field on this page?



User blueprints are stored in:


Yes, but I don’t need to change user blueprints, but rather the page blueprint of the “Users” page. I am referring to the page.

I’m not sure what you mean by page blueprint of the users page. That sounds exactly what you would do in the user blueprint.

If you create a default.yml in your /site/blueprints/users with custom fields, every user will have them on his account page (unless otherwise specified by granular user templates.

What exactly are you trying to add to the user?

I am not trying to add anything to the user, but as I said, I am trying to customize the panel’s users page. I am talking about this page here:


So I don’t need to edit a user blueprint, but would rather need to edit a page blueprint I suspect. Specifically I would like to change the display options of the users field.

You would have to overwrite the view: Panel views | Kirby CMS

Note that views will be replaced with areas in 3.6: Areas | Kirby CMS

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Thanks! Will upgrade to the 3.6 RC and look into Areas. Will report back with more questions or some success story.