Edit User List in Panel


can I edit the appearance of the user list in the panel?
Like changing the view to cards or showing some info next to the user name with the query language (e.g. last modified)?
Does there have to be something like a “users.yml” in the blueprint/users folder to achieve this?
Sorry if this has already been discussed before, but I can’t find anything about it .

Yes and no.
No, because you can’t achieve this with a blueprint or any other setting currently.
Yes, because if you are into Vue.js, you can create a custom user view.

Thank You Sonja,
do You know if a blueprint option like this is planned?
Guess, it’s time to finally look into Vue.js… :fearful:

No, I don’t know. I can’t even find an idea request…

Maybe it’s not even that complicated to extend the Users view if all you want to change is the layout, looks like you can copy and paste the current view, change the layout of the collection and that’s about it (but maybe I’m naive :wink: )

If I have a bit of time, I’ll try that…

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I’ve added a fore- and surname field to each user, actually my plan was to display those names in the list overview and also sort them by surname…
I’ll give it a try as well.
Thanks again and have a great evening! :v:

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I actually managed to create a card layout, so that stuff works, although the docs are not quite correct:


import UsersView from "./components/UsersView.vue";
panel.plugin('texnixe/users-view', {
  views: {
    Users: {
      component: UsersView,
      icon: "user",
      label: "Users"

And the in UsersView.vue, copy/paste the stuff from the original users view and play around with the stuff, e.g. add layout="cards" to the <k-collection> component.

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Thank You Sonja, You’re awesome! :clap:

No, unfortunately not, because this actually creates an additional Users view.

Edit: Turns out it doesn’t work anymore as expected… so let’s wait for a solution.