Create a platform with Kirby

I’am thinking of realizing a platform with kirby.

  • It should handle two user roles with a login in the frontend.
  • The user should be able to create a page/s with a offer or a need, and to edit the page/s.
  • And it need to have a database.

I’ve read the post of @stephenbenedict Interesting use cases and I ask myself if this or using kirby in general could be an appropriate way forward for my project?!
Is there somebody with experience in this way?

Well, all these bullet points are possible with Kirby, of course.

What do you need the database for? If you want to store all content in the database instead of in files, than I doubt that it makes sense to use Kirby.

That is what the client wants to have.
There could be a lot of users, let say thousand, and I don’t know if this is to handle without database?!

I’m currently about 90% finished building a system that uses the Kirby toolkit. Uses a database, has multiple user roles, has a bespoke CMS and handles some incredibly complex queries/filtering/searching. Using the toolkit made this a lot easier so it may be worth taking a look down this route. Let me know if you have any questions :slightly_smiling_face:


At the moment, I’m working on a similar project with a frontend dashboard to let a logged-in user create, delete, edit Kirby pages.

The main problem I’ve encountered is to be able to lock pages in the frontend dashboard to avoid data-lose if two different users try to edit the same page. I’ve paid @pedroborges to enhance his page-locked plugin and to be able to lock front end pages. You can find his plugin here:

The plugin is not finish to cover all my needs, indeed I need to lock several pages because my pages could be edited from several area (panel, frontend pages …) I hope @pedroborges could find some time in his schedule to provide this feature.

Second problem to take in consideration: Kirby doesn’t provide a reset password system but it’s quite easy to code it yourself with Kirby, search this subject in the forum, we have already spoken about it.

HI @MinmlCo,
thanks for your answer, I might come back to you with some questions.:grinning:

Hi @gillesvauvarin,
in my scenario user only can create and edit there own pages. Or do you have more users related to one project?

update, in my scenario too…

In my case, several diffrent users could edit the same page.

update, in my scenario too…