Cost for Theme Developing, McLuhan Theme by Anders Norén to Kirby?

Hey Folks,

Like the Title already suggest, i am looking for the Answer to this Question. :wink:

In detail, i would like to know how much it would Cost to make the “McLuhan Theme by Anders Norén” ready for Kirby3 with some minor Changes.

These above mentioned Changes would be:

  1. The “Latest newest Post” in the Listing should be shown with full Image(if active) and out of the whole Listing.

  2. Like the Original, the Theme converted Version for Kirby3 has to be fully Responsive. So it looks good on mobile as well, with the focus on Mobile-First!

  3. GOOD documentation of the whole Code, so that later on Changes can be made more easy.

Sidebar should have an Option/Function to collapse and get more out of the Way, if that’s possible to realise in a good looking way. :wink:

I’am curious about the upcoming Offers.

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Thank you, for all the Response.

Topic can be closed, Question got solved. :wink: