Copying pdfs from one content folder to another, makes the blueprint disapper in which i am copying it

I have a page and its respective blueprint using which multiple pdf’s are uploaded. Now i am creating a new page(new design) but to avoide uploading all the pdfs, i copy it from the old design content folder with all its .txt files. Now when i reload the blueprint of new page it just shows a textarea field.

Are the file names of the .txt files in the new directory exactly the same as in the source directory? And does it have a corresponding template and blueprint?

All pdf files have their respective .txt files which are same as source file. I am not sure whether it needs a template or a blueprint? The only .txt file which has a blueprint and a template is the one which has all this pdfs details in it. I hope i am able to explain it. I have not copied the (.txt) file which has template and blueprint as this page has its own else there could have been a conflict.

It looks like this page uses a different blueprint. The .txt files should have the same filename so the two pages use the same blueprint.

You shouldn’t copy this file, but in the destination directory a file with the same name should exist. This file’s name is used to find out what template/blueprint will be used. If it has a name that doesn’t correspond to an existing blueprint/template, the default one will be taken (what I assume what is happening at your side).

I have fixed it. Had to copy pdfs in chunks of 10-20 with its txt file and then i saw one extra .txt file with no pdf which Kirby was considering as a template data file and changing my whole blueprint as it wont find any blueprint for it and does a fallback to default one. So i just didn’t copy that file and things got back to normal. Thank You all for your kind support.