Custom File blueprint for specific page

I’m sure this is a quite basic question but I’m stuck there…

I’m having different file templates on my website, some are for projects (using blueprints/files/default.yml) and I’m trying to create a new one for another page and template, using blueprints/files/commande.yml.

But as soon as I update a new file in the admin panel, in the page using a template called commande (the exact same as my file blueprint) the file blueprint used is default.
Beside the file blueprint, everything is working fine.

So i know there is a thing called template, but I didn’t find any solution by myself.

Here is my files/commande.yml blueprint :

title: Commande
template: commande

  back: "{{file.color}}"


So I’d like the files updated in the page Commande to have the file blueprint called Commande too.

Thanks for the help!

You have to assign the template a file is supposed to use in the files section/files field/textarea or block (depending what you use).

Files section: Files section | Kirby CMS
Files field: Files | Kirby CMS
Textarea: Textarea | Kirby CMS

Thanks I was doing this the opposite way…