Code field to try out CSS/JS from the Panel

##Terminal console in Kirby?##

Okay, let’s file this under useless, but it was fun coding it - so let’s file it under useless fun.

Why not build a terminal console in the Kirby panel?


  1. It’s always a bad idea to enter codes in a CMS.
  2. It’s even more bad to mix content and codes.
  3. You can already enter (css / js) codes into the panel right now (try it out, in a default textarea).

So I decided to take this bad behavior to another level… and created a custom code field;


  1. This way, you keep codes and content seperated.
  2. Trying out codes / fiddling around with css from the back-end can come in handy, when developing from your phone or a low-end tablet (without a decent (developers) console tool).
  3. You can quickly check out what a certain code impacts on your page, without the need to access sFTP or modifying your core templates.

So, that’s why I created this extension… just try it out for free and download it (with code examples) from Github.

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