Cannot use "parent" when current class scope has no parent

dear forum,
I have moved a Kirby site from one server to another.
File on the old server packed as zip archive, downloaded via Filezilla and uploaded via Filezilla to the new server and unpacked there.
When calling the website:

the start page does not work.
Only the subpages, example: Leistungen - Carconcept GmbH

What could be the reason for this?
Thanks for your help!

What’s your Kirby version (seems to be rather old?)?

unfortunately I can’t get into the backend.
In which file do I see the version?

In /kirby/composer.json, should look similar to this

	"name": "getkirby/cms",
	"description": "The Kirby 3 core",
	"license": "proprietary",
	"type": "kirby-cms",
	"version": "3.9.5",
	"keywords": [

To me this looks like an error that has been fixed in a subsequent version of kirby (you seem to still be on one of the very first versions of Kirby 3), just wondering why you didn’t get that error before moving to another server.

So my only advice is to update your Kirby version.

oh yess, its Kirby 3.2.2 :innocent: