Cannot upload post on our website

When I try to post an article on our Kirby built website and move from “draft status” to “in review” I get no errors. However when I move from “in review” to “published” status, I get the following error.

“Only arrays and Traversables can be unpacked”.

I have tried to keep the content of the post as simple as possible, removing any hyperlinks and file attachments, however I am still experiencing this error. Please advise.

Which Kirby version are you using? Is there a call stack with more information, i.e. where the error is causes? Please turn on debugging in your config and check your browser console for details.

Hello the version I’m using is 3.5.1. Unfortunately I’m not a developer just an end user of the software. I did open up the source code in the browser and am noticing a lot of “Failed to load resource” errors on the console section.

Hm, without any detailed information, I’d recommend you contact the developer of the website. The Kirby version you are using is not really up to date (current version is and if it was a Kirby issue, it might have been fixed in the meantime. If it has to do with the code used, then we would need more details.