Cannot get to the panel, first time install



New to Kirby.
All the files copied, and the demo site works. Adding ‘panel’ to my url results in this message.
I have a licence key, but can’t get past this point to apply it.



You need to enable the panel in your config. See here.


Why isn’t this mentioned in the installation guide:


Well, I guess it should be. However, I think that pink “panel.install” text in the screenshot above is actually a link to the relevant docs page for it. if it isn’t, it should be :slight_smile:


Thanks, but no, it’s not a link, and putting ‘panel.install’ at the end of my url simply loads the site home page, not the panel.


That isn’t a page. It’s referring to a config setting.


Ah so does that mean editing a config.php? Is there documentation somewhere for this?


Yes, i linked to it above… :arrow_up:


Missed that, thanks.:blush:


Bear with us, we are constantly improving, I just added a note in the installation guide.


Perfect. All working as described now. Thanks.


Whenever you find something missing or unclear in the docs, do not hesitate to create an issue on GitHub.