Cannot access the panel on windows, working with github

Hi folks !

Currently initiating a collaborative project with Kirby and Github for the first time by myself, and we have a little issue: cannot access the panel.

I am working on mac OS and my friend on windows 10. I build the project with the plaintkit-main model of Kirby, started to write the panel interface and then put my kirby’s folder in a github repository. All is fine, my friend then downloaded the projects in its MAMP/htdocs folder, and open it on its local server. Still working.

Then we tried to access the panel on its browser and we have this issue : “Not found. The requested URL /hyperhydre/panel was not found on this server”. It is strange because I don’t have any problem on my computer… Can’t fix it, do you have any ideas ? (^•^)

Thank’s a lot !!!

If I understand correctly, your friend on Windows doesn’t get a Kirby error page when trying to open the Panel but a server error message. Do subpages work or only the start page? Is the .htaccess file present?

How exactly does your friend access the Panel, via http://localhost/somefolder/panel or a virtual host name? You may want to try and set the URL in a domain-specific config file:

Sorry I did not answer because I let down this issue for a moment ! But it was that, I forgot to give my friend all the ‘hidden files’ in my file explorer :·)

Thank’s a lot !!!