Can I unregister a license for Kirby 3?

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licenses are sold now via Paddle, so the process of registering has changed. My question is: Once I have bought a license for a new website and registered, can I afterwards ‘unregister’ this same license for the website and instead use a new license to register the website?

Background of the question:

As a developer, I would like to buy a license which I would only use for presentation purposes - in order to be able to go live without waiting for the client to buy their own license.

For example: I would register website A with my license. Once the client has bought their own license, I would ‘unregister’ my license on website A and use the client’s license for website A. And afterwards I would use my own license for the next live presentation of website B etc.

Would that be possible with Kirby 3?

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AFAIK, unregistered installations give a notification in the panel only. So you could setup and present as such, and once they register the notification will vanish.

Edit: I’m not sure, but I thought I read up on slack that on localhost the notification doesn’t appear? If so, maybe you can demo from localhost if you really don’t want that notification to appear?

Thanks for the quick answer - this sounds great.

Localhost would not work for me, since my clients are remote. But if there is still (like with Kirby 2) the possibility of going live - at first - without a license, that would solve my problem.

Sure, you can go live, but there will be a notification warning panel users that they run an unregistered version of the CMS.

Good to know, I am going to warn my clients beforehand.

Thanks a lot! :smile:

Just so you know: the notification will show up on localhost.

Yes, the license warning is displayed both on localhost and once you go live without a license.

While you don’t need a license on localhost, you (or your client) does need a license once the site goes into production.

While Kirby’s source code is publicly available, Kirby is not free . To use Kirby on a public server, you need to purchase a license.

While Kirby doesn’t suddenly break without a valid license, it is nevertheless a license breach to go live without one and your clients should be aware of this.

Sorry to open this up again - however, it is the same topic, really.

It might be that I have missed something in the Kirby docs - but just to be sure:

For me, in Kirby 2, the registration process was very transparent. I could insert the license information in config, and then I knew where it was.

Now I need to enter it into Paddle - but, after that, can I still find it my registration data somewhere in the files, and can I change it there?

My current case: I used a freshly bought license to register Kirby 3 on a webspace which turned out to be just temporary. My fault, really. So my question would be: How can I unregister Kirby on the temporary site and register it on the new and correct site?

(Connected question: Before, it was possible to use Kirby without the panel. Now, in the docs, it just says that registration happens in the panel: at #4. So I always need the panel now to register, is that right?)

Thanks in advance!

The Panel creates a .license file in the /site/config folder. You can just remove that file.

Then you can use the license for the new site.

There is no reason to register a license while a site is still in development. At a later date we will have development licenses that you can use to remove the license warning in the Panel while still developing and then replace with the real license once the site goes live.

As regards the need for the Panel: You can register the license via the Panel and then turn it off afterwards in your config file. I’m not aware of a way to register a license without the Panel.


Many thanks for the quick and really helpful answer!