Cache of old website

My new design does not appear on mobile but it does it in desktop browser.
On my client pc et is old design


Try clearing the browser cache. If you are using Kirby’s cache, clear the /site/cache folder.

I have not a /site/cach folder .
And I can not clear browser cache on my client

Use a cachebuster for your CSS and JS files… Lots of options: Kirby Autobuster Plugin

And set expire headers in your .htaccess or server configuration.

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I have Jimmy Rittenborg - CacheBust and MinifyHtml

I´m super new 2 kirby - I know nothing

I’m looking into it
thanks for the help

If you connect your phone to wifi rather then cellular data, do you see the new site?

Some mobile phone companies create a cache via a proxy that has nothing to do with Kirby’s Cache, or your web browsers cache. Using a cachebuster or setting expiries in the server config probably wont help because the files are cached on a third party proxy that you do not have control over. They do this because mobile phones typically have slower speeds, so they cache site data to speed up delivery. Some also aggressively compress images as well. You need to add this line to .htacess to tell the mobile phone network not to modify or cache the content.

<IfModule mod_headers.c>
    Header set Cache-Control "no-transform"

Not recommened, but you can also do this with PHP if you are unable to modify .htaccess. Needs to go on the first line of all your templates.

<?php header("Cache-Control: no-transform"); ?>

This problem only occurs on mobile internet connections made directly through the cellular service (for example, on 3G connections). If a mobile device uses a WiFi connection to access the web page, the problem does not occur, because the traffic does not pass through the wireless provider’s proxy.

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Yes, I can see it and thank you for the good info
I used wifi and Cache Control in .htacess
Now I just to my client look at it,