Blue screen of death and a broken panel

As I was creating content in the panel on my localhost, my computer froze and gave me a blue screen of death. This hadn’t happened in a while…
I rebooted and reopened the local server, connected to the server, and now I get:
Warning: file_exists() expects parameter 1 to be a valid path, string given in D:\Git\Macotuts\Kirby\kirby\toolkit\vendors\yaml\yaml.php on line 542
3 separate times above the widgets on the panel homepage, and twice inside the last updates widget (with no last updates displayed).

This website is followed with git, and there are no changes recorded other than the content I was working on (and it looks fine).

Everything seems to function on the panel, but I’m not sure what I could do to fix this?

Would replacing the panel folder with a fresh one do it?

What’s wrong about trying it? But of course you should replace the toolkit folder, because the warning was generated in the toolkit.
If you’re using submodules, the changes in the toolkit would of course only be displayed in the git repository of the toolkit, so take a look there for changes.

I once had a weird behavior of Git after a blue screen as well: Some files lost their content and already staged changes disappeared. But after rolling back to the last commit, everything worked again, except the lost work of a few lines of code.

Sounds like something I’ll try tomorrow with a fresh pair of eyes :slight_smile: